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Your success is our success !

Our Mission

Our mission can be defined as supporting the development of companies by providing them complex commercial services and result-oriented solutions.

Our clients are small and medium sized manufacturers and importers. We help them to reduce the costs of sales and marketing by using professional marketing tools. We assist them in building an effective competitive advantage.

According to the rule - Your success is our success!


About Us

We are Polish company providing services in the field of comprehensive service for small and medium-sized manufacturers and importers.

Members of our team have many years of experiences gathered in the international concerns and demonstrate a number of documented successes on variety of projects of sales support. Therefore, we use proven methods as well as techniques of planning, implementation and management tasks.

We guarantee results - our team continuously analyzes the effectiveness in cooperation with the customer, and achieved goals.As a result, we are able to effectively address the most multipart projects to support sales throughout Europe.


Our Services

We offer the following services:

-          Supply of manufactured and imported goods to retail chains under own contracts,

-          Outsourcing: managing contracts, which were entered into force on behalf of the suppliers,

-          Negotiations of supply terms and conditions,

-          Advisory and support on preparation of offers and sales agreements to retail chains,

-          Merchandising services and promotional support in commercial networks,

-          Recruitment and training provided for sales representatives,

-          Import services on demand


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